about me

right now i am a stay at home mom of two awesome kid-lets ... although they do have a tendency to drive me crazy, do things totally unexpected and unplanned,  but all in all i do love them too pieces. this place is where i gain back my sanity and realize that i am not trapped in a world dominated by children under 7. it's also a fun place to tell the stories of my everyday life, and easy to come back to if i forget something. i have always loved all things visual and creating stuff ... crafting used to be a bad word back in my art school days but i have come to accept it now. and embrace all things scrapbooking, although i think that i treat it more as a journal with lots and lots of pictures. my other loves include photography and typography (yes i purposefully type in lowercase because i love the play of the little letters). i probably read way to much but its one of those other escapes i need to survive the day to day.

so thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet ... hope to see you around again soon

jakki weddle