Gold Embossing Powder, I think I'm in LOVE.

DIY Embelishements: DD and her BFF want to make some DD style journals for christmas this year. And while I'm all excited over them wanting to do this and am happy to supply some of my cool sb stuff in no way and I sharing my expensive wood veneer embellishments. So I've been cutting out some cool stuff on my silhouette in wood grain paper (same look, I use it all the time) and was thinking it might be cool to add some gold Embossing powder to them and see what I get ... lets just say I am in LOVE, these turned out so much cooler than I had thought, now all I need is the pewter, silver, bronze, and copper embossing powders and I will be in metal embellishment heaven ... maybe add a few layers of the cut-outs below them so I get more of the chipboard affect. But so very cool


nylene said...

Ooooh, these look wonderful! I love the the gold. Also, thanks for the cut file below this post. I'm anxious to try it out. Great job.

Migz Sugimoto said...

Great! Gold adds a sparkling effect which is soothing to the eyes.