We all dream of Prince Charming, right?

It might be those marathon hulu nights watching Once upon a time, but I really do have a TV crush on Charming. I love the name, its just so cute ... the actor guy that plays him .... right??  Okay maybe words aren't coming out like I want them too and I'm more or less rambling. But I did have the show on my mind along with the pictures of L in the castle window (love that this park is all castle themed, with dinosaurs instead of dragons but really you can't complain. I can totally see a dinosaur stealing off with the princess :P) when I started coming up with some little tags for my PL album. And I thought I would share the tiny little file with anyone who wants it ... I am thinking the colors go along with the new crate paper maggie holmes line, but I haven't seen it in person to be sure. And I'm working off an internet photo and finding shades that work well together. So send me an email and the .jpeg is yours.

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