Wanna be FLAIR

I pretty much refuse to pay $4-6 dollars for the stuff, although I think it's really really cool to add to pages. I'm probably more fearful of how much bulk it adds to the page to be honest, just seems like a little button would do that, and I tend to stuff my albums with lots of flat pages. It's also extremely easy to make flair ... well at least I think so. Now with my explanation, I'll share these little guys I made up tonight. I did copy the "fave" from SC's project life release but it's my handwriting, they're all my handwriting, and it's not a heart (kept that one for myself!). They're measuring .9" of an inch so they cut with a nice little white boarder with a 1" circle punch. I plan on using them in my up and coming PL pages ... they seem a little bland. I've also been looking at those enamel bottle cap 1" circles (type it into amazon) to make them more "flairish" but for now I'm thinking flat works for me ... want to fit an entire year in one album.
email me if you want the .jpeg file ... I still am not cool enough to have a share other wise link

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Isabelle said...

You can also add glossy accent on top and it doesn't add too much bulk.