project life weeks 4-8

A little picture heavy, but I am sharing some project life pages ...  I'm current now printing, just two weeks to layout (this weekend). I'm thinking printing 2 weeks at a time is good, seems kinda stupid to just print up 10 pictures at a time (its my average for a 2 page spread). So here we go ....

I've finally gone and done it, printed out some of my own things to put on the pages ... it starts with the blue heart that says "now".. i know my 'n' looks a little like an 'h' but i like it ... the little green circle is mine too.

not so many pictures for the next two weeks, i was a little bit sick, so they went on one page spreads

big week here with valentines day .. I had lots of fun slipping in some of K's favorite cards she received. as well as making up my own journaling cards (the 'memo' ones it one I printed) also loved playing with some AC valentine paper I scored at target along with that date stamp too.

and now I think I have fond my grove ... I've got the little cut out letters, the journaling cards, the filler cards, some pretty cool pictures, along with the crappy ones. and lots of little embellishments. this spread has been on my couch (love seat really) for week or more because I wasn't happy with it. After adding some little circles to it, I realized that I had to much  'handwritting' on it and went back and typed up 3 journaling cards and now i like the spread a whole lot more. 

i also have a wanna be flair share blow this post if you want it. ttfn .. weeks 9 and 10 now to do.

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