Project Life Week 9

 I am having so much fun with this now. I've finally got my silhouette working, new blade, and I am making a point to cut out a few titles for different photos. I'm adding in printed journaling cards and playing with the large stack of 6x6 pads that have suddenly appeared.

I read on a forum somewhere how a mom wished PL was around when her kids were little, because she would have a images of her kids going to school, along with some other mundane everyday things that change rapidly if you zoom out into the big picture. So I did just that, I snapped a picture of K lining up in the morning and journalized about what her school does every day in their morning assemblies. L is collecting some sun glasses and I had two photos of him with different ones on in this week. We also got to go eat lunch at chick-fil-a's grand opening this week. Then there are lots of photos of the time we spent at the park, three afternoons worth. Enjoy

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