project life calander

I made these up last night, continuing on with my attempt and finishing of project life this year. I have seen these little calendar cards in others and I want them in mine. So I made these up ... there's five weeks in january, and I did not anticipate how much time I spent on each little number in the calendar good thing I can just reuse it for the months to come.
Also thought it would be fun to offer these as another freebie here on my blog. I got a lot of request for my last freebie and thought I should do it again. I wish I knew where and how to share the file via some other connecting site, but the one I found that I liked said my computer was too old to be compatible, blah!  So if you would like the jpeg (its smaller than a .pdf) of these calendars send me an email and I'll send it off your way. TTFN 


Isabelle said...

They are AWESOME Jakki! I would love to include them in my PL! isabelle.angers@gmail.com

Maybe you could create a public Dropbox to add all your freebies in it? It's free and doesn't matter if you have a old computer.

Sharon Fritchey said...

Good luck with your project life!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Pam said...

I love these! Thank you for sending them!!!

ellie248 said...

I would love to have these: