Journaling Cards & Project Life

With the new year around the corner all it seems I've been seeing is Project Life this and PL that ... it's everywhere. I'm even wanting to do it. I made it through my december daily, well I have the photos to attach to the page it's just the making it part I have yet to finish, but give me the weekend and I'll have it done. And I'm thinking I could do this, I've done it through to march before (digitally) and it was lots of fun, I just sorta gave up on it after that ... I blame new product at CHA and my easily distracted personality. I have a album (its a AC black one) and a whole lot of 4x6 by 12" page protectors (again thinking I want to do this sorta thing). I've been also looking seriously at kit clubs, I want to do it again it's fun getting new stuff in the mail monthly and I can keep my spending to that kit.  It would be more than I've spent on SB goodies in a long time but I need the variety that they offer too, you know the whole "I wouldn't buy this normally but I totally love it now that I got it in the kit and used it". They all seem to be coming up with PL kits ad-ons.  I like Citrus Twist the best, they're all bright colors and that fits me. Then that means I have to make up some 3x4" cards to tide me over till around February when I can subscribe  ... here's a journaling card I made recently for a friends baby shower, but it works for PL too and with the New Year it all seems to play along. I'm thinking I'll make up some more and offer another freebie, I was completely amazed by my last freebie and making it on to pintrest with it (I would not put my self on there, although it would be a smart move to be more popular)


Isabelle said...

You should do it Jakki! I have the Clementine kit from Becky Higgins from last year and this year I will receive Studio Calico's PL kit.

Candace Prado said...

You should do it! Maybe redefine what PL means to you and your schedule, but those cards will be awesome!

Besides your baby shower friend is EVER so grateful!! :) <3