December Daily ... trying to keep up

day 8

day 9

day 10

day 11

Well I guess I am more than half way there ... I have photos up to the beginning of the week, so yeah 15 makes it more than half way. I really shouldn't give up, but I haven't been feeling 'holidayish' until today, hence my posting my DD pages. Really though I should keep trudging along ... go with the "holiday moments" form now on ... but wait we still haven't decorated, steve tells me there's always christmas eve. taking a quote from my favorite christmas move "prep and landing" ... "... how we gunna make it" ... reindeer are flying in to Timmy's house in the soup of a winter storm.

 "laughing all the way"

thats how I am approaching the next weeks up coming craziness ... laughing all the way. It's just so tinsel that way ... and yeah we are talking like the elves in the movie with "figgy pudding" "holly jolly" and all sorts of other laughable craziness.

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Candace Prado said...

I love this format you chose! This is such a great DD. makes me smile...