december daily ... day 8

I'll admit I came really close today to giving up on the whole DD Album. Nothing happened book wise, I was just not feeling the whole holiday spirit. And didn't feel like I wanted to take another picture. This all happened after we got home from the plant store and looked at 'real' trees, these guys aren't in the budget at $100. But I was looking at the photos on my phone and saw this one and it kinda got me back on track. I still have pages to finish and have to print this picture, but as far as today goes. I'm still on the band wagon. I had to edit some photos today, and I am loving my friends oldest son for giving his dad bunny ears on the only photo I have of all five of them smiling and looking at the camera. The best part of it all is I didn't see this on my initial edit, it came today when I was finalizing all the photos to go to disk. So I conceed to H he won this round, but I will get the next one. Their family photo is a little doctored thanks to photoshop, I really hope she likes them. That's what has me scared the most with taking photos for other people that they wont like them ... I like them though.

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Pam said...

trees are $$, right?! We saw a really cute stand but the trees were twice the price of Lowes!!

I am glad you are still doing this. i have one day done, and I really wanted to catch up this weekend, but no such luck! I'll hang in there if you do!!