december daily; day 3 & 4

Okay so the journey continues ... I have day 3 and day 4 up and ready yo share. I was going for a whole week posting at one time, but last night while I was playing away I realized this is going to take more time than I thought originally so I will be breaking it up into smaller 2-3 day posts. I don't want the pressure to keep up daily, and well doing a whole week is just too time consuming ... and I kinda sorta ran out of sticky while putting together day five, emergency trip to mikes is in the mix for today :)

Day 3:

L started speech preschool this day, so of course it had to be this day. And I am loving my cheaply kid glitter tree, even if it does leak a little bit of glitter here and there still  its really cool

For this day we didn't have anything spectacular happen. When walking back to the car from dropping K off at school L saw these deer in a front yard and had to go say hi to them. I snapped his picture,  pretty much thinking of it as a filler photo when I needed one. The journaling is about how L will go off and start singing christmas songs in the car, and only in the car really.


Ruth @ atnumber29 said...

love the layers and the colours!

alexa said...

It's ahaping up really nicely - how amazing to find a deer in your path! I struggle with 'keeping up' too. :)