moments of complete and utter forgetfulness

So this challenge went live on thursday,
 over at Color Me Scrappy and yet I'm posting it today and I've totally missed it being up on the blog as well.  My mind some how forgot that I had to finish it up earlier this week and post it.  I hate those moments, really I do. So with not so much fan fair and ticker tape is my take on the challenge.
I am not much of a pink person and with the colors and the photo all I was seeing was pink grapefruit, which really are not pink but the color's name got stuck in my head. The orange made it into the layout, and really the fruit does have a orange hue to it. And well the green, hmmm I'm thinking came into play because of the citrus trees that grow in my back yard and next door, where there are some pink grapefruit on the tree. Blue of course because of the pool water and it was on the green paper and yeah I like blue.  So explanation and journey complete. Enjoy and don't forget to link up your take on the challenge over at Color Me Scrappy.

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Pam said...

you say you aren't a pink person, but you work with it so well:) i love this page...this is a fabulous color combination!