december daily

So my obsession continues, or maybe I should say quest to make my own embellishment for my december daily.... here is what I have so far to add.

I saw a similar stamp over on two peas and loved it enough to copy it ... well the tree is my own original and the other one doesn't say "merry and bright" so that's my spin on this one.
I loved kelly purkey's 'october' stamp and have seen some versons of a december one floating around the blog world. so I made up one of my own ... I kinda ran a distressing bush over it so it looks more stampish (if you can't stamp a perfect image, so not one of my problems thanks to making stamps for a couple of years) but I like the look.

And lastly my favorite part. I drew up these trees in an attempt at copying Studio Calico's trees that they have both in veneer and in the mistables. I have three sizes, the small ones are a $&#(@ to glue together and the benefits don't out weigh the frustration and glue on your fingers. the larger ones are nice, but I want to make a smallish book so the middle size (a little over and 1") turned out to be perfect. I cut out a bunch in white and then clued 6 layers together (cb thickness that I am happiest with) and then for the veneer looking ones I cut out 6 layers in mike's kraft (its darker than bazzils) and then another set in some wood looking paper. glued them on top of the others. It looks pretty cool, its got a darker edge which is what the SC veneers all have (i have a package of stars). and I' am really happy with them.

Now the hard part .... the making of the book.  I have my own version of ali's overlays to print out and play with. But I'm having commitment issues ...  :)

And I'm thinking I can share these .jpegs with you if you want to email me... although I am not sharing my ali knock-offs those suckers were hard to create and well I want to give her the credit, even if I am making my own.

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