December Daily

So this has been in my head lately, along with a lot of others if you surf the scrapbook world of message boards and blogs. One of the new things are vellum speech bubbles witch are totally cool and the vellum is the perfect medium to represent them, well at least in my mind. So tonight I have been playing in Illustrator and making some of my own, because really I would never pay $5 for a smallish pack of them. With the help of my friends I came up with some sayings and played from there. This is what I got ... I'm so excited now to play with these.
 AND THEN I started to cut my vellum in my silhouette machine ... hmmmm! It's really thick stuff and I think my new blade is faulty because I was not getting a clean all the way through cut very easy. As you can see from the pictures the letters are giving me fits, with a little more playing I'm pretty sure I can get them clean, or maybe take a little bit more time pulling them apart ... but if I'm honest I like the embossed letter look too ... maybe color it with some markers, possibilities are endless.
Oh and out of curiosity, and to see who's checking out my blog ...  if you have a cutting sort of machine and would like the .jpeg file (I don't know how to make them .svg, I don't remember it being a file extension offered in my illustrator/photoshop version) email me and I'll send the big file your way (8.5x11 300 dpi .jpeg)  TTFN (email is in my contact info :) )


Vanessa Middleton said...

Those are wicked cute!!! I would love to have them to cut on my Cameo! :) I'll send you a message. TFS!

Anonymous said...

I love these and would love to give them a try In my cameo. Sooo kind of you! Emailing you now.

Melissakay143 said...

I am a late bloomer to your blog.. but I would love to have a jpeg of these for my cameo... if you dont mind :) my email is melissakay143@gmail.com thanks