I really want to design stuff

I made these just a bit ago, because well I like them all the little labels everywhere. But I have reasons for never buying them ... one they are too darn expensive for 6-9 stickers, two I will end up just stareing at them wondering how I should use them, three some how manage to use all the paper that "matches" them on other projects thus forgetting I bought them, and fourth they're really easy to make .. it's a matter of matching color codes to the ones on the paper (manufacture luxury of already having the color codes) drawing the boxes and coming up with sayings... bam! you have fancy labels .... maybe just maybe I really want to design papers and other scrap related stuff ... I know how right???? oh well just a rant, perhaps I should show all you who don't read my blog (ha ha) how to make them really all they need is a little sticky stuff on the back.


Aly said...

Yes you need to design more of these so you can sell them! I'm trying to learn how to make some so I can use them in my layouts. If you do a tutorial I'm sure to watch it! Aly :)

Pam said...

this is so cool. i would love a tutorial too. or i will just tell you what i want them to say, lol;)