where i found the inspiration ....

so my latest page ... love all the bright colors and the "splash"es of color. I came up with the idea of the drops of color and the paper all on the left side from watching the "call me maybe" music video. It started with watching swimming in the Olympics and then the US team did a video to "call me, maybe" and then I was off and watching the original because of dh telling me about it and yadda yadda. and while watching the video creativity struck! ... the dude's tattoo .. the writing all along his left side, and the words again right under his neck, and then he was all skinny so the downward diagonals in the strips of paper ... all kind of abstract but yeah.  and then all the blue in the video from the US Swim team ... it all fit together, and loved that I have pictures of K doing just that  swimming.

 and now dh also thinks I'm a little obsessed with the song ... it came on 3 times last night while I was working on the layout .. 2 for the videos and once more thanks to pandora ... I'm really not obsessed lol.
and the videos, so maybe you get my thinking process

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