Watch Out! This little guy can throw...

Carnival Games, YEAH! This past weekend we got to tag along with Steve's uncle to a company like picnic ... well more of a fish fry (it was good) and they had some fun things for the little's to do. Logan had a blast in the bounce house early before all the "big kids" took over  I just didn't have the camera on me to snap some pictures of him. But he also got to play the carnival games, and did you see the ball heading for the center of those milk cans ... dude nailed them every time ... add a little more muscle behind the ball and this guy's got an arm on him. Okay so I'm a little biased but seriously he plays catch with you and if your not paying attention you will take a soft ball (soft as in stuffed or full of air, long ago got rid of the hard kinds) to the face. 

Here he is at the ring toss .... did okay here, love the rules for the little guys. And notice the ring at the bottom ... I think he might have been aiming at me ... scrap pages to follow soon. :)

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