SGC Challenge Time "Fantasy and Angels"

{paper collections used: basic grey: wanderer: dasher: out of print, wrmk: old glory, fancy pants. letter stickers are making memories, and font is Bebas, mister huey: over due, black ink, red sharpie, images are off the web via barnesandnoble.com} 
So maybe I might have a little bit of an obsession with Vampire novels. I love to read and admit that reading is one of my escapes when things get crazy and I don't want to deal with reality. It started a few years ago my SIL loaned me a copy of Twilight (it's not on the list, it's really not one of my favorite ones) I read it and all the other ones in the series and was hooked. Now I seem to look for and read all the Vampire books and series I can find. I do like series better than a single book, but that's probably because I can read a 500 page book in a day (escaping issues here, but I do read quickly). And to be honest I am not on team edward, I am far more of a team jacob girl and my shifter (because they're not always turning into wolves) book collection out numbers the vampire one, if I didn't get them all from the library .. love the library and free books.


febe said...

Love your LO! :)

seo winchester

waikiki yoga hotel said...

Well, me too! I love Vampire novels and I'm very obsessed about it since grade5 I think... Thanks for sharing this one.