little boys and scooters

ac "chap", oa "boarding pass", sc "abroad", cp "random"
ac "chap" just write, and tabs,
jenni bolwin weather vain ink.
making memories button brads,
smash date stamp,
and typical type writter font.
 so this is a recent photo, as in I took it the day I got my photos printed .. gotta love those cell phone cameras. mine isn't cool enough for instagram to work on it, but add a little lomo action to the photo and I think I have pretty good comparison.  I'm also loving my friend pam who hooked me up with these cool AC "Chap" papers ... which looks nothing like the pictures of the stuff over at 2peas and on AC's website, its very muted and oh so graphically grunge but clean ... okay my descriptive words are contradicting them selves. but I do love the papers and am having fun playing with them ... so look to see more of them showing up in my pages.

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