Color me Scrappy Challenge #3

The time has come again for another color me scrappy challenge. This one is all about those green and blue papers you have piling up, well that is true in my case at least. I  love the color green and well blue is just one of those colors I am always drawn too .. it has me wishing for some OA sasparilla the blues in that line look of so lovely. okay! Back to the challenge then, here is the color pallet given.

I love how the blue of the water and green of the grass go so nicely with the color scheme. And all those starbursts everywhere have inspired me. I drew up the burst' on a scrap piece of paper and then cut out each shape and then traced it onto the patterned paper. And slowly repeated this process until I had all the pieces together. Glued it all down on another scrap of paper and then trimmed all the edges ... i did like the misfitting that happened when I attached them all but it didn't fit in the over all allotted space of the final design, so I cut it.

And as always head over and check out what the other girlies have done for this challenge at the 
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Candace Prado said...

Oh wow! This is amazing to look at. I love that ray of color! Excellent one, Jakki!

Pam said...

perfect mix of patterns and colors. you are just the best at that!