The insanity of tiny bits of paper

After the last challenge over at color me scrappy, and a few other projects I have a ton of paper on my desk, and I really haven't wanted to put it away, so I made more pages. This is what I came up with ...
 Lots and lots of little paper pieces are going to be the end of me, they're all over my desk and on the floor and probably in the kids room and I know I could find some in K's art stash. They don't store nicely in big boxes, they tend to get lost in the bottom, and they are so tiny really it isn't any trouble at all to throw them away in the name of organization/clean sanity. But they are so much fun to use and to add little bits here and there. I'm scared to get into washi tape, I can see it fitting into my creative supplies so well ... but do I really need more little sticky bits to drive me to insane when clean up time comes around. I'm already on the look out at Target for their washi tapes, mine does have smash books and accesories though ... if ever I could get into mini books those cool things would be for me, I'm pretty certain that if I were to get one now I would end up just ogling it and never actually using it.


Pam said...

i noticed the smash stuff at target the other day too, yay:) I think I would be like you though and ot actually use it;)

I like this layout, you are the queen at putting the little bits to use!!

Candace Prado said...

It's not actually as sticky tacky as you would think! I'm building a collection in my studio kits and it is a crazy addiction those washi tapes!