haunted by a sheet of paper

Has this ever happened to you, you go to look in your stash of paper for the perfect compliment to you layout and you keep seeing the same paper over and over again. I have my stash all divided into the cool isis containers and this sheet of BG red octagon paper keeps popping up. Now it would make sense if it only popped up in the 'basic grey' container (My papers sorted my manufactures) but that just isn't the case.  It's popped up in my currently using/ pulled out for something or other container too (I like compartments). Which is why I'm convinced it's haunting me .. or following me, the logical explanation is that I have two of the same piece of paper (which is rare for me, I like to follow the one sheet of everything rule and when it's gone move on to the next) which is true, I have two or used to have two now it's more of a sheet and a half.  But I've used it along with some new CP storyteller, and studio calico studio 2 collections, i think the yellow strip of jillibean napoleon bisk (which is so not the actually name, but it looks like it is.. its the dyslexia talking)
Have fun, and thanks for stopping by. I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing more of this red paper as there is now a nice big half sheet of it in my scraps pile and i love to play with all sorts of bits of scraps. TTFN


Candace Prado said...

I have all kinds of haunted paper that screams my name (lately), but I know what you are saying! Every once in a while there's that ideal piece of pp that you know it's perfect for something and it kills you (always surfacing) that you haven't used it yet for....!

Viji Siddharth said...

The pattern paper looks great with the pic! Love your layout!