faking the little letter stickers

so i've been doing this alot lately.... look close at the layout, see the black rectangles in the title...
 its my take on those tiny little letter stickers that come one letter to a sticky, and you use them to spell words yadda yadda. well i love them, but i also like this new take on them.
I use adobe illustrator, because well honestly i don't know how to use word and it's not even on my computer any more, and i make up a solid black box that is 1/2" high and depending on the word or words about an 1 1/2" wide. then using libel suit (freebie .. bing it (because they have cool pictures that change everyday) and you can find it) i type my word, and size to fit ... i'm liking about a 25pt size font. then print out a ink saver copy on white paper and then tape what ever cs or pp over that and print in normal mode. cut. and presto you have some little letter sticker like titles for you layout.  I usually like to do more than one layouts words at a time, but if you leave the file open on your computer, and you come back to it for a second go around ... you can just put your new words over the old ones and then you don't have to print a second "test" print ... saves on printer ink. and although the photos is squed in my cropping, seriously who knew it was that hard to take a picture of a square object have have it line up for editing purposes ... my second layout for this scrapping journey ... i seem to work in sets of two.

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