a new year, and a new hat

so my blogging as been seriously lacking, i blame this on books with crazy library return times, and learning to knit.  its a pretty cool hobby (just stick with the cool yarn, it will make cool projects promise) and as a result i gave a lot of people on the gift list knitted scarves. and for christmas steve bought me some circle needles witch meant that i got to knit hats ... now hats are a lot of fun to knit and they go together faster than scarves. so logan was my first recipient of such a project (it was too small for steve) and below are pictures of him putting on his hat.

and thanks to cleaning over the holiday my scrap space is all clean ... needs a little bit more organizing, but steve was helping with the cleaning and you know not to divulge into the scrap stash in front of the dh if you have any hopes of getting new stuff in the near future. so hopefully some pages to come in the near future.

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Candace Prado said...

I seriously LOvE that hat! You have been busy! No need to lose momentum now! Go get into that scrappy space!!