december daily: one story, one day

so ali had a "deep breath" post up on her blog today about december dailies ... i've toyed with the idea of doing one of these FOREVER, but i always chicken out or flake out in the end. so i haven't thought about it much, but her comment about one story a day sorta hit me ... i could do that and i've also gotten over my "it has to be christmas related" hold up.
so today going about my normal morning activities i herd the trash truck drive up ... it's not to hard, the door is open to reveal the screen (yes warmer weather around here pretty much means house is open all year long), the dogs were barking (announcing the truck's arrival), and l was at the door saying "uck" (there is a soft t sound in his annunciation, but it doesn't warrant a letter yet) ... so i raced off to grab my slr , put it on the green box and shot a few pictures of the truck driving up (it really is in the photo, but the metal screen doesn't do so well with photos ... these kind usually all suck). its a thursday ritual at our house, as well, as it turns out, at his buddy blake's house *sigh* boys! the arrival of the trash trucks, and because we live in the city there are three of them that come by ... the green one (garden waste), the blue one (recyclables), and the grey one (trash that doesn't fit the other categories)  and up and down the street means 6 drive byes ... l and the dogs are in heaven all morning.
so now on to tomorrow (i'm playing with my digi kits, found a cool shadow tutorial that i want to try, but i don't know if the final product will be digi book or  more of the traditional sort

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Shel said...

You are off to a great start!