thinking about attempting a december daily

so i've contemplated these forEVER. even attempted one here or there, ended up with a lot of holiday photos ... which isn't my norm i'm really bad at taking holiday photos. but was thinking if i get some embellishments made up ahead of time and go with some basic pages, maybe just maybe i could finish one of these .. hmm thinking. i could also just use my phone to take the pictures so they would all suck in essence but with that retro cool feel. it wouldn't be that hard outline them all in and off white/ vanilla sorta color scheme ... oh well i'm still thinking (i made up the  numbers via my sillhouette and a few mishaps)


Candace Prado said...

Did you hear that AE is partnering with Studio Calico for a kit for the DD? Wish I could jump on this band wagon but last day of school is December 23rd! Not a chance of me trying!

Shel said...

If you take all the pics with your phone and convert to b&w, they might be really super cool looking!?!

Pam said...

I like the phone picture idea. I am trying to figure out my plan for mine. I just got my ormolu goodies in the mail, so I will use those, just trying to figure out the format.

I am so bummed that we can't just get the album from AC, $80 is ridiculous, especially when you consider how much holiday paper everyone probably has.

So please share our homemade chipboard album process if you go with that;)