so the picture was taken earlier, but i love how they're off and running ... so what i get to look forward to tonight. and well now that i got the "nice" pictures early they aren't gunna hate me for wanting to take a few more pictures tonight.

yesterday K went across the street for a pumpkin carving party with the twins and its was the funniest time i've ever had carving pumpkins. L was taking a nap and it was me with three girls, lots of pumpkin guts and marker drawing (all the girls were too little to do the knife work them selves) i got the coolest photo of the three of them, but i have to ask if i can post it online still.  but yeah so just sharing this photo ....
and the cutest tiger ever! i'm a little bias though (he insisted on makeup like his sister, but getting eyeliner off cheeks is a bit of a challenge fyi

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Pam said...

I love their costumes. Your Mom is awesome-K's dress looks a million times better then the store bought ones, plus it was made with love so that's even better:)