REJECTED! ... once again

so i was rejected once again, in my on going attempt to be popular in the scrapbooking world .. but hey i'm having fun with it all and refuse to give up.  but i'll share the layouts i  did for the call all the same.
 love playing with hexagons, all though they go screwy really easy and ARE NOT symmetrical like i'd original thought, one end goes to a point and the other one has a big flat spot on it.. maybe that's why i barely passed geometry with a C... i could never figure out why i had to explain a shape and it's place when it was easier just to draw it there .. my left side art brain at work. :) ... playing again with little bits of jillibean papers
 so this is almost a echo park paper exclusive, but then it's not. can you find the off brand?  i'll give you a hint it fits right in with the layout above it ... guess the red dots?  i'm in love with the red dot paper from the jillibean strawberry/bike paper .. there's two sizes of white dots and the red is just so yummy .. so i just went with it, the ep red dot paper (yeah they have a few different kinds) just didn't jive with me on this page. hmm oh and i was mimicking his shirt in the color scheme of things ... well except i had to add green :p
 and this one just fell together, and in no way was representative of the sketch i had tucked away originally to go with the photos. but i had fun, and I also have a really really hard time using journaling blocks ( i made the one in here, super easy and it matches puuurrrrfectly to the other papers). just hard to use is all.
and the call that i was sending these all too was one for a 'sketch artist' i did up some sketches in photoshop/illustrator to go along with my layouts.


Shel said...

Don't get discouraged!! Keep on working!

Pam said...

Pleeeeeease do not get discouraged. Just keep swimming, er scrapping;) And keep sharing your lovelies here. My favorite of the batch is the hexagon one, I feel a lift coming on;)