pumpkin patch 2011

so the night before the planned pumpkin patch adventure i awoke in the middle of the night with the worst migraine headache i have had in a bit. my entire half of my face hurt and i was sick and well it was midnight and no lights were on in the house, but the ambient light from the street light outside and  a stray night light was hurting me. so our trip was cancelled to bates nut farm. but we did venture out to go for a drive, som caffeine (for me :) it makes my head aches go away). and we stumbled upon a smaller pumpkin patch  .. so we visited ... 
 they had goats, this one was really nice, he thought we had food at first so he came over to visit. but he stayed and let logan pet him ... nice guy
 logan in a pile of pumpkins and not once did he ever look at me for a picture, well long enough for me to take a clean picture .*grumbling at the camera i had*
 check out the green pumpkin that we found ...
and kailee posing with some pumpkins as well.

seeing as we weren't out looking for a pumpkin patch adventure i didn't have a camera on me ...  i did of course have my cell phone on me .. never leave home with out it. and have a love hate relationship with my cell phone camera. and will  have only 28 pumpkin patch pictures to scrap this year ... compared to my usual 200+ ... i guess i will have to make do and take more costume pictures.

TTFN, and i'm still suffering from the headache .. ugh!


Pam said...

Well, that is still a way better pumpkin patch then what we have around here!

I am sorry you felt bad and stilk feel bad:( Hope your headache goes away soon!

Shel said...

Cute pics! Feel better soon!