a little computer time

so sc has this stamp out there with a pretty nice grid on it, so here's my digital take on it. it will have to do until i have some scrappy money to buy one ... there are just so many things i can see using it for it is ranking up there with ink pads and exacto knifes.
 and i was saying earlier how i was thinking about making a december daily ... well i decided to play some more in illustrator and make up some templates. my problem is that i always get this far ... then i think well i have to print out the foundation pieces ... that's 25 sheets of vanilla card stock.... and then there are the pictures that i can't print at home (that's a whole other issue with the stupid way to expensive epson ink .. after market stuff SUCKS) so the pictures sit on my blog and in light room
while the month moves on and then i start running out of ideas for more photos ... the vicious cycle repeats. but in the whole process i end up with more holiday photos than i would have gotten other wise. but seeing as i'm being truthful with myself right here  .... i will try again.

and i will do up a photo tutorial on how i make my albums too ... those are fun, but they too sit in my book shelf awaiting me using them ... lol


Candace Prado said...

Wow, my uber talented friend! These are so cool! You're making me wanna do this....

Pam said...

You're templates are amazing! I am thinking of doing just one photo a day+words to keep it simple and not burn out on taking tons of photos each day.