because i enjoy seeing the "not perfect" images

so a little while back i mentioned making my own december daily album, its pretty easy and i've done it before ... also i'm to cheap to buy the mini ones alot of the time. so i started today with the goal of wanting to accomplish something crafty .... why doesn't an album cover fit that bill perfectly ..

then i had some issues. so we'll start with the final product ...
 see it's simple needs some embellishments and what not. but i don't like it.  i only have 12x12 papers and the dimensions of that album are 8" x8.5" with a 3" spine .. going off ali's dimensions. so that's 2 sheets of match pp for the cover (i usually only buy pp in single sheets,  so normally i have only one said copy) cut at 10" square, then it's a contrasting one for the spine, this one i didn't make wide enough ... it would look better with a two inch one showing so those dimensions are 10 x 10" ... i guess i totally didn't do it right on here. and glue that isn't lumpy( goggle "neutral ph adhesive", to find the stuff ... it's flexible when it dries and is perfect for book making applications... also acid free blah blah blah). in the next photo you can see the glue i was working with its 10 yrs old and well i'm pretty sure i need some new stuff but i'm playing here.
 this is where i was too impatient and cut off too much on  the corners off. i recommend gluing down the CB then cutting the courners so they meet up n a seamless corner.
 this photo actually looks okay you have to line up the seams with a space (the thickness of the board) between so that the cover will fold correctly when finished. it's one of those things that looks seamless when done with larger sheets of paper that cover the whole book.
and then the final piece. this is with two sheets of textured cardstock (cut 8.25 x12 and 8.25 x7.75). i use one to include the spine and them piece the other one to set on top of that so that it just looks like there are the creases in the spine.

now i know this one doesn't  have any loose leaf rings attached to it, i have a big bite so once i go and purchase the rings i can punch in the holes and eyelets (they make for a cleaner finished looking wholes ... that will last longer) and place them some where in the spine. the cut 6x12 page protectors leave 2 holes so i'll probably be using those as my guide marks. the trick here is to punch the two holes at about the 1/3 mark in so the ring fits through as well as the pages .. but it's not always an easy fit ... you need large eyelets so the hinge on them can slide through ... talking experience here. there's also the more classical scrapping ways to bind the book here. the cool think i like about this "album' is that is has that finished look to it that isn't usually done with other mini albums with the ring bindings.

now this example sucks and i have shown all my flaws. i do think i will be re-doing this project for a more clean professional end result. but sharing all the same. :)


Shel said...

I think it turned out great! A big ol' embellie on the front will be the perfect finishing touch!

Pam said...

This.is.awesome. Thank you so much for the pictures, I am very much a visual person! So I think I should attempt making my own album, don't you?!