she wants to be a fire fighter ...

 she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up. at least that is what she's been telling me lately. i think its a little influenced by the fact that she's seen the hills behind out house burn multiple times, watched helicopters suck water out of the lakes and fly and drop it over the smoke (and flames). she's been part of an evacuation for three days due to a fire. waves happily at any fire trucks that pass. not to mention that we've talked about how much help fire fighters are to people who are hurt or in trouble ... such a noble and wonderful to to want to grow up to be.
and well he's not so sure what he wants to be yet. he points at cars and gets all excited though, so i'm voting for industrial designer and designing cars ... lol. but he his my tv watcher and sometime i really love that i can put on "cars" and he will sit and watch the whole thing happily ... k still can't sit through a movie.

photos taken tonight with out a flash with me sitting very still and kids under the lamps ... i've lightened them up a bit. and got rid of the orange glow by turning them black and white ... just hope they're light enough to print decently, but they look cool on my screen .

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Pam said...

I love that she wants to be a firefighter....hope you scrap that one!!! K also loves Cars, so MUCH that when you ask him what color something is when it's red, he says "ightning keen," ha!

Too bad we don't live closer, the boys could watch cars while we scrap;)