scrappy goodness

okay so here are some of my latest creations with close up's of my favorite parts 
(trying something new and adding scrappy goodness to my blog more)
logan eating and making faces at me ... really i'm not a fan of food eating pictures

i love the title on this one, the little block with summer in it. in retospect i should have done it bigger

love love love how the oranges make the blues in the photo pop

lots of BG letter stickers, and yet they are almost all the same font oh bother

donno, it just doesn't feel like a "jakki" layout .. i was using a sketch and seemed stuck on that sketch

love the mix of patterns and colors here

it needs more, so much more. but i'm sorta stuck ... hmm sensing a pattern here

need to do a card with this on it .. love the butterflies, i cut the red one out myself
 and now i can post my running beach pictures. kailee had so much fun playing with hunter. and i love how these shots work in secquence.

"its catching up, RUN FASTER"
and Coronado is still one of my FAVORITE BEACHES OF ALL TIME. even with the planes and helectopters flying circles over head, and battleships off on the horizon. being next to the navy base if just cool and it there was no kelp. and the ice cream at the end was a delightful treat.

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