I'm stuck, and some 'official feet' photos

in one of those places where that i need to get out of if i want any chance of being popular.  ugh i have pages ready to go .. just a few adjustments here and there and then to send them off. yet for the past two days i've come up with other stuff to do, like say edit pictures for printing ... i found this one in the stack of 3,956 photos for 2011. logan sitting in his tractor eating a snack, maybe it's the baby pictures sarah keeps posting of Nate but it got me thinking i really don't have any "feet" pictures of logan. the little guy was in casts till he was three months old so i think this will be my official feet picture for him, one year old feet sitting in the tractor eating, what boy could be happier. :) now that's i've mad my struggle public i guess i can be over it and move on to working  ... along with having to do chores, i really hate chores there is no fun in them and as soon as you turn around its like you've never done anything.

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Candace Prado said...

Love the contrast of those piggies!!