and the fun starts

kailee's first day of school .. she's in a k-1st combo class. and she says she loves it. Kailee's words as we drove home:  they only colored on picture today, she was a little sad about that. she got a blue card (blue cards are good, so many of them equals a trip to the treasure box) and one kid got a yellow card (bad mojo).  they had snack at their desks (it was still raining outside), but she got to play at lunch. her teacher was one of the "helpers" in her EAK class last spring, she told them her full name but it was really long so they can call her just by her first last name. and the teacher read them a really long story, so she stopped and they get to finish it tomorrow.

... love the randomness of all that she tells me :)

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Pam said...

The randomness is the best:) I love hearing Aislynn's stories when I pick her up...she always tells me who got a yellow card, lol!!! Then she says, but I ALWAYS stay on green, Mom.

Hmmm, maybe I should implement this at home?!