slr at the beach .. i know more pictures of the beach lol

my goal is for a summer with more beach in it, seriously i live to close to the water not to take advantage of it, right???
these are the pictures from a few weeks ago when i took my dslr to the beach .... i will do it again promise it wasn't bad at all :)
 kailee jumping the waves ... the water was cold
 logan showing me the seagulls before he started chasing them. i have to admit these pictures turned out the best. way better then when i've tried this with the p&s ... but i have better zoom with this lens.
 logan chasing the teenage seagulls, they weren't so fast to fly off on him .. he loved it that's for sure. and for the life of me i can not get him to take his shoes off at the beach. if i get them off of him i have to hide them or else he puts them back on. crazy child .... just like his shirt he has to wear his shirt too, but i wont complain over that one less of a chance for a sun burn
and this is logan's concentrating face.  i see it on him a lot. i love capturing his expressions .... don't remember doing is as much with K

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