my little (tummy) surfer girl

 so another day spent at the beach :)  got some fun shots of the two of them playing in the sand together.
 we went with some cousins and friends and the kids dug a really big hole ... logan was in heaven (this isn't the really big hole, but this is logan's hole.
 and kailee discovered 'tummy surfing' thanks to her older cousin's boogie boards ....
 she had a blast and has requested her own boogie board.
and this picture needs to be my new avatar :)  i love it so so so much :)

to bad the sky was over cast and all the pictures look a little muddy


Pam said...

LOVE that she is carrying the boogie board on her head! That is awesome! A true surfer;)

Shel said...

I love that the sky was overcast...fewer shadows and clearer pics! Great snaps!

Candace Prado said...

Oh I am dreaming of just ONE more day at the beach before I have to admit summer is gone!

I adore K's cute 'do!

Brandan would die if he saw these pics - he wants a boogie board too and thought it would be best to use his SLED so he wouldn't have to spend his allowance on buying one!!