the last days of summer

well sort of, seeing as the weather doesn't change around here till November. But K starts school next week and so it's sort of a end of summer kinda time.
We went to Coronado today and there was some really big surf, followed by rivers of water rushing back into the waves and rip currents. Also some eye candy lifeguards who were all over doing a wonderful job of preventing rescues. the water was way to powerful for little kiddos to go "swimming"
 not that kailee cared she was all about running from the waves and playing in the way cool tide pools at the beach.
 logan was all about the sand ... he got covered in the stuff. hey did you know that you can use baby powder to remove sand. it's pretty cool my SIL told us about it. and dang it! it really works you look a little like a ghost afterwards but a lot of the sand is gone. oh and l is now crazy about wearing this hat EVERYWHERE i can't seem to get him to take it off.
 i am thinking this is the opposite picture to the new one of me holding the camera above.  she's got my phone and is all about taking pictures now, a little photographer i have
and l just being as cute as he can be. my little posing "eese" saying boy.

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Pam said...

How am I so far behind on your blog?! I love all these pictures, perfect summer snaps!!! It is so interesting to see how different are beaches are too!! I think we did go to Coronado and we liked that one too:)