he calls her E

so another day at the beach, same beach same location, but again with kailee. she's back from her month long vacation at my parents house. so the kids and i took my dad for a day at the beach. logan hung out making or really destroying sand castles while kailee and i did other stuff ... along with take lots of pictures :)
 one of the kids showed k a sand crab, and she was all about digging up the sand as the waves hit to find them .. but that lasted all of five minutes and then she was over it for the day.
 i love this picture, i have one of her just standing there ... thinking some switchfoot lyrics would go wonderfully with ... :) but this is of her jumping the waves ... need some journaling ideas for that :)

 and now for the blog title explanation:
logan can't get his tongue around "k-a-lee" i know he's two, and really not a big talker. but to get the attention of his sister  he says "EEEE" and she responds as do i when he comes to tattle on her its "eee .....no... ca ..... and some other stuff but its defiantly "eee" and the tears usually give away what has happened. its cute and it's defiantly the end of her name. its just her dad and i have gotten in the habit of calling her "K" because of texting and well her name starts with a strong "K" sound.  oh well i do believe "E" is sticking around ... just will probably take me a little to get used to it  ... at least it's a cool nick name. now if we can get a firm nickname for this little guy that is uniquely him, "bud" is to general as is "boy child", and well "lo lo" is too girly, and there is sometimes "bug" but its turns into kailee bug to easily so its not a keeper ... we will wait and see what his nickname turns out to be, but do note that logan doesn't really have one as of now.
 and i do beleive that my p&S is wearing out ... kailee took this self portrait while riding home from the beach. and the black is definatly the outer protecting shutter of the p&s ... but it does make for a pretty cool few pictures ... she's turning into a photographer just like her mama :)


Jakki said...

note to self: "five and dime" papers with lomo'd beach photos .. black distressed/messy frames probably on kraft background ... "found pieces" like

Shel said...

Great pics, Jakki and I like your note to self! Heehee

Pam said...

I love the pictures, especially the one of K jumping the waves! Can't wait to see these scrapped!!