dr stickers

maybe its just the fact that i have been to children's hospital ALOT these past few months with all the orthopedic appointments between the two kids or it might just be he's getting bigger. but this boy is all about the stickers now. he likes to stick them on his himself and on me. the little stickers we have at home don't show as well as the big ones. and he got x-rays taken of his feet tuesday and he received 6 mickey stickers, along side his sister who was just there too watch,  they are the kinds the dr have that measure 2" square. and then placed them all on his shirt, buy himself, he didn't ask me for any help. the photo isn't the best, and have to love the camera phone because the sticker shirt didn't last much longer than the appointment. but its a fun memory ... K used to get those big popsicle sticks from the dr and would put her stickers on those making "puppets" (she was shown how to do this with one of her first dr sticker encounter)


Candace Prado said...

our dentist has these stickers! They used to get STUCK to furniture in the house! That wasn't fun. NOW they have upgraded to temporary tattoos....I'm not sure I like this any better. Gotta keep rubbing alcohol around to clean those up!!

Shel said...

My kids' doc has these stickers too! Hey...whatever works, right?