sand, sand, and more sand

So taking Pam's advice as soon as we got to the beach I pulled out my little p&s (can't bring myself to break out the big dslr at the beach) and started snapping away photos .... logan carried his own sand buckets and was happily filling them up, and sharing 

 notice how far away the water is???? he wasn't to keen to go near it, but he would carry his bucket up to  about 3 feet away from the surf, hand me the bucket to go fill up with water. and then turn and run back to our spot away from the waves.  i guess the water was fun in the buckets but really he didn't want to go near the waves.
and then he saw the seagulls ... so we chased the seagulls all over the beach. he was plowing on after them not staying anywhere near me totally engrosed in chasing these guys. he would get all exctied because they really didn't just fly off, but would avoid him for a bit by waddling this way and that, but eventually they would take flight and leave him to find another bird to chase.


Pam said...

don't be scared of taking your dslr to the beach!!

Love the picture of him running after the sea gulls, K loved to do that too:)

Candace Prado said...

I'm with Pam here...take out that DSLR. Having had my camera for 5-6 years now; taking it to Puerto Rico, Hawaii...etc would have been a very different memory had I not taken my DSLR. All particles are cleanable and I have yet to scratch my lens by a grain of sand.

SO pull out those lens and snap L playing it UP!