another summer day and some blackberries to go along

he's a ham, if he sees me grab the camera he poses and smiles for me. yeah it's cute but it's also annoying, it takes so much longer to get those "natural" poses. oh well i'm not jinxing myself, i do really want him to still love the camera when he gets older. so my rant over i've been thinking about the whole week in the life album that i want to accomplish along with all my scrappy internet friends. and this idea came to my mind ... one of the memories that i have of AT (back story: I had two grandmothers, and three grandfathers. but only one grampa (mom's dad) and one grammy (dad's mom) my others were called by there names AT (dad's father, although i did call him grandpa in my teen years before he died) Ronnie (his wife) and Phil (Grammy's husband) I never knew my mom's mom). But that i remember of AT's was going to pick blackberries, standing knee deep in a snow melt stream in august freezing my toes off picking the best blackberries i ever tasted. okay i was eating as many as i was picking but it was fun. even getting pricked and attacked by the bushes and watching out for bears. we were in the middle of northern cali and it was heaven. okay flash back to today we have a blackberry bush in our backyard now and this year it's been producing berries. I am so happy and excited, these berries scream summer to me more than watermelon (although i have another memory about the watermelon patch that took over the world, i mean our backyard. and watermelon nazi's from my life-guarding days), so every other day or so we are out there picking ripe blackberries off the bush and pretty much eating them straight away. this time i got logan to take some pictures with me.
 i'm sure it would have been cooler to take them outside and all, but yeah that didn't happen and all the berries have been eaten. he's not to much into sharing right now. everything is "mine" yeah he figured that word out all on his own. and if he see's you sneak something he thinks of as his he wants it back. seriously food is in this mix he will throw a fit over it too if you don't give it back to him. and that's really hard if you've already swallowed the treat. but i will say that this is really the only tell tale signs that he is two, for the most part he is a happy little guy who tells you what he wants and doesn't do the temper tantrums, those are left for Kailee.

 and now he decides to share, but that's usually only one small part of what ever he has.
and that's the story of how blackberries are summer to me. so now off to chores and to see if i can come up with a fun and exciting story to go with them ....

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Pam said...

ha ha, love the pictures, he is so cute:) and he looks a little bit mischivious in some of those pictures;)

We had blackberries in April, so it doesn't seem summery to me. But watermelon, peaches, blueberries, those are summer for us. oh and sweet corn, yum!