to fly

so i dragged my big camera to the park on one of our lunch dates last week. and maybe i'm feeling a little bit more creative lately. but i got this picture of k and love it ... man i would love to be able to swing like that, with out getting motion sick and puking, its one of those challenge photos where your suppose to tell a story with out having a face or something so obvious ... a little brightening or blowing out the light, a lomo action job, and some distressed edges on a dark background and "MAGIC" a really cool photo. :)

so i'm off to be creative .... I think .... netflix is down so dh can't steal me away to the tv. it's really addicting TV shows with no commercials and the whole season just sitting there waiting for you to watch it. and i thought netflix was all about the movies ... ha! i was so wrong.


Pam said...

love it...it is one of those that captures childhood perfectly! Love the post processing too;)

I saw your comment, thanks lady;) xoxo

Shel said...

.That is such a great pic. It really captures the moment well!

Candace Prado said...

Very intense! Great catch on the picture. I'm promising myself to do more of this soon!