summer at the beach

Installment #1 of summer at the beach 2011.  We arrived this morning around 8:35 it was a little foggy but the surf was high and everybody was excited.
 and me being me, i needed some shade, there are no trees around here, unless you count 30 ft high palm trees and those babies give no shade. so I have a half tent shade thing, and LOVE IT! It gives you just the right amount of shade so you're not frying in the sun.
 okay so notice the seaweed and sea grass everywhere?  yeah it's what happens when there is a kelp forest just off the coast line, that groups of scuba divers visit. also explains all the sea lions and the occasional white shark that visit the shores. today it was just full of sand flys. uck! the only not fun part of the trip.
 kailee making a sand angel, because well we don't see much snow down here.
 I wouldn't be truthful if i didn't mention how much the sand was bugging me. originally we set up in the soft stuff. It got everywhere, so we moved to the harder, wetter stuff that wasn't really wet it was better there and i will defiantly set up there again.  logan was covered in the stuff and wanted nothing to do with the water, but kailee was back and forth the whole time so i guess it even outs. I'm just wondering how pam with all her beach pictures the sand doesn't seem so over taking, i know its different sand,  but still its sand.


Candace Prado said...

Those are some SAND covered kids! LOVE it!

Now tell me about the font you are using...

Pam said...

love it!!! oh and the sand..well, it comes with the territory;) The kids are COVERED in sand by the time we leave the beach, but it doesn't bother me too much. I only have my camera out for 10-20 minutes, I just try to get lots of snaps in there, right when we get there and before it gets too bad. Then the camera goes in a sealed ziploc bag and into the zippered part of my beach bag where no sandy things are allowed (where my keys and phone go too). If Shaun is with me, I may attempt another try with the camera, but I usually take most of my pictures in the first 20 minutes we are at the beach:)

I almost always have my zoom lens on with the hood, so I don't have to get too close to the sandy monsters;)

Shel said...

I love your little tent for keeping some shade around! I need to get one of those!