the last day

of EAK and they had a little party where parents were invited to come and see. This is Kailee singing the ABC song, her letter was K ... and something about being oh so kissable. I have a bunch more pictures that I took along with some in the mail that her teacher was cool enough to put on shutterfly so i will have fun scrapping her first year, wait six months, of school.  
And right now I should really be editing the 200 photos I need to edit for steve, but I'm kinda enjoying the fact that I'm really doing nothing. We're having lunch at the splash park after school and then i guess i'll have to give in and do those chores and other tasks after that .... but for this moment i am enjoying the summer :)  and about ready to start stalking the mail man ... i would like my package now :)


Pam said...

Awww, K looks so sweet, I am loving her haircut?! So did they have to sing by themselves? I don't know if A would have done that!

Enjoy your summer and you better get to scrapping soon...seriously woman!!!

Shel said...

She looks really cute and so grown up with that hair cut!