rocking out

 lit seems he never leaves my side, seriously! these pictures are a little staged, but he really did find the headphones on the computer desk and was putting them in his ears, just like he sees us do when we want to tune out the world.  the skullcandy noise eliminating headphones are worth the $ they cost ... a nice way to ignore the kids :) although it never lasts long for me, i kinda start freaking out that i can't hear the kids in the background.
 so i plugged these bad boys in for him and he was amazed to hear the music in them ... he is my little music lover, sings and dances to everything. the picture above is where he realized that music was coming from the little buds.
and the the dancing starts :) ... i'm positive in the future i will be pulling these out of his ears so that he will listen to me. and that he will use this as away to escape and ignore his parents ( i know i did)... now just to wait and see what kind of music he leans towards .... in the car we jam out to country music (kailee has her favorite songs that she can sing the courses to)  but at home its alot more diverse, thanks to mom's love of strange music, itunes, and soundtracks ... he's been exposed everything but rap (really dont like rap and not much r&b too)  till then rocking out here :P


Pam said...

It's about time lady!!!! Hee hee;)

Love these pictures so much and the story! Can't wait to see these scrapped!

Candace Prado said...

Glad to see you signed back ON!

What a cute face enjoying his tunes! Love the story...and I'm with you, I LOVE to play music when I scrap, but if I can't hear the kids in the bg - I FREAK!