nap time and words

this is how i keep finding logan when we go to pick up kailee at school.  he is all gunho and then we get in the car and he zonks out. lol ... oh and he fond these balls in the dollar spot at target and was asking me "ba" "ba".  then did his cute little "eeese" along with the sign and i was toast, he got his "ba's" then took a nap with them in the car.

okay so before i forget, logan words:

"mommm" = mom (emphasis on the last m sound)
"dady"  "dadadada"= daddy (short and sweet easily recongnised)
"eee" = kailee
"B air" = bear (there is a short sound in the middle so it mostly sounds like bear, but i catch the air part)
"ace" = grace (k's bff's little sister, and logan's buddy)
"aith" = faith
"G mpa" = papa bob
"ba" = ball (or anything that looks like a ball)
"ca" = cars (things with wheels, and big cars too. he can actually point out my car in the parking lot)
"i of you" = i love you (that one he whispered to me yesterday and melted my hear)
"cho chock" = chocolate mill
"uce" = juice
"ta tank" = thank you (signs too)
"ease" = please (signs)
"ipsssy" = gypsee (they both got her name down easy pease)
and "icket" = wicket (the last of the puppies)
he shakes his head for "no" and "yes"
Signs "shoes", haven't caught on if he's saying much with it, although there is a voice behind the action
signs "hungry" as well as "more" ...  while dragging me to the kitchen, so those words count too.

im sure the list will, but if i don't get the written or typed somewhere i will forget.



Pam said...

love it... i love the chocolate milk one:) And LOVE the picture with his balls, lol...that is K except with trains or cars, but he loves balls too. The other day at the park there was a little boy with a ball that had lightning mcqueen on it that K was very insistent on "sharing."

You inspired me to make a list, I think I will this Sat. on K's birthday:)

Shel said...

Cute! I love to write down how they say things! IT's so cute to look back upon and remember the good ol' days!

Candace Prado said...

THis is GREAT!

I only wish I would have kept better care of lists like this. I am glad you and Pam do this. I will absolutely make it happen for my grandkids (hee hee) but let's not talk of this anytime soon!!