chasing shadows

kailee's picture of her shadow
when ever its cloudy outside K always seems to mention and talk about her shadow disappearing. and how when she finds it she is going to have to sew it back on ... kinda like peter pan had wendy do when his shadow got away from him.

so maybe its me and my love of peter pan but its just so much fun to talk about this with K and see her imagination running and how she integrates it into her reality. her shadow is her own person, acomplishing being taller than mommy's (if she's standing in just the right spot) as well as chasing each other down the street.  i think to scrap this moment i'm going to get the script from peter pan and just use it as the journaling. i know its where all this shadow talk originated  ... maybe i'll add some other stuff.

p.s. because i just read pam's post.  i had a parent meeting yesterday with k's future kindergarden teachers, it was awesome, she's totally ready to go to, but at the same time its had to beleive that's she is actually going to kindergarden this fall.  yikes time flies by when your not looking, and well i'm not going let logan turn two ... he can stay one for a while longer (like the rest of the summer ????)


Candace Prado said...

I wish i could follow my shadow around ALL DAY LONG, too! I completely understand!

So...you gotta come to Chicago NOW -- Peter Pan is on stage (Broadway production) but set up in this cool outdoor venue tent --great for trapeeze like FLYING!! Two friend have seen it. Rave reviews from them!!

Pam said...

I love this story! So cute...we haven't watched Peter Pan in awhile, may have to pull that out soon!

That is so great you got to meet K's teachers already. So is she going all through the summer, or does she have it off? Is she doing kindergarten at the same school she is in now?