catching up

so it's been a while since i have been on here ... and well felt like posting i should say, i'm usually on the computer at least once a dat.  just don't seem to have much to say or better yet pictures to post, i've been kinda slacking in that department but here are some random shots from the past 3 weeks

kailee's class is working on bugs this week, and i just love her drawing of the butterfly
 logan things he can drink out of big kid cups (which he can, but there is still alot of spillage) so it will be sippy cups for a while longer still.
 the cast is now purple with silver signatures and pictures drawn all over it.
 and dying eggs with only one hand is pretty hard. good thing daddy came to the rescue (or maybe really decided to take over) of the dying the eggs ... logan ended up sleeping through this whole thing and we did try to wake him up for it but he had NO INTREST what so ever in dying eggs he just wanted to eat them. lol.


Candace Prado said...

looks like that "time fly" bug is circulating in your neighborhood lately! He zooms in and out around here so much that I couldn't recognize him if I saw him...have K research that BUGGER!

Love that bog boy sipping from big boy cups - that was my Brandan with forks and spoons - he had to do it SOLO.

S and K really favor each other so much! didn't realize it until I saw that last pic!

Pam said...

Love her little butterfly, so sweet! Wow, her cast goes higher than I thought, how much longer on it?