many faces

 i wish for the life of me i could remember why i took all these picts of K. but i don't and their not in focus either which leaves for a fun condundrum.  i love the one on the left middle, that's her "are you serious" face and the others just follow along the story i can't remember ... lol ... i think she might be eating one of those cadbury eggs, the ones where according to her and her dad you have to bite a little off the top and then eat out the middle gooey stuff and then finish off the chocolate. but i really don't know.

and then she let me take a picture of her finally with her pink cast ... its all signed and drawn on but then that's my little girl. lol   its got a built in sling :)


Candace Prado said...

you've got me in the mood to go put a collage together now. (And thanks to Shel for helping me update my Picasa techniques - it shouldn't take all that long!)

Poor baby with that huge cast! I'll have to mail you some masking tape signature you can adhere for us!! :)

Shel said...

She looks like you in those pics!! Hope she feels better soon. Time will fly and the cast will be off before she knows it!

Pam said...

Love the snaps of K! I say you scrap it just like that and call it the many faces of Kailee:)

Poor sweetie with her cast. That is really cool it's a built in sling though, we sure could've used one of those! So now you have to take one with the purple, right?!